Charles Nenner Interview With Alex Newman | The New American | A Dangerous Period is Coming

Watch the latest insightful interview of Charles Nenner with Alex Newman where they discuss: 1️⃣ Charles Nenner Background; 2️⃣ War cycles and Ukraine; 3️⃣ Social unrest; 4️⃣ Economic problems; 5️⃣ Cycles explained; 6️⃣ Gold; 7️⃣ Sunspot cycles.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:50 Charles Nenner background
  • 02:03 War Cycles and Ukraine
  • 05:25 Social unrest
  • 07:07 Are we victims of these cycles
  • 08:22 Economic problems
  • 09:40 Where do we put our money
  • 10:27 Cycle are not influenced by the news
  • 11:45 Why do these cycles happen

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