One Radio Network with Charles Nenner | Patrick Timpone | Stock, Bond and Equity Markets

Patrick Timpone - Charles Nenner. The interview is built around the following: 1️⃣ Investing in oil and natural gas; 2️⃣ Dr Nenner’s algorithm forecasting prices and days when something happens; 3️⃣ A bounce in equity markets in the next 4-5 weeks; 4️⃣ The Sunspot theory; 5️⃣ The Great War prediction; 6️⃣ Forecast for the Bitcoin; 7️⃣ Crude oil prices and Ukraine; 8️⃣ The situation with wheat; 9️⃣ How intraday cycles work; 🔟 Gas being up for the next 5 years.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:04 Where stock market is headed
  • 04:15 Who Dr Nenner works with
  • 05:03 Commodity markets explained
  • 07:51 How investors see high rates explained
  • 08:40 Cycles and free will explained
  • 10:00 Sunspot theory explained
  • 15:23 Bitcoin psychology explained
  • 16:23 Free 30-day trial at
  • 19:00 Crude prices
  • 24:04 Bond prices effect on pension funds and treasuries
  • 27:03 Future of Bitcoin and the government
  • 36:33 Where Gold is going
  • 39:34 Inflation real numbers
  • 41:11 30-year cycles explained
  • 47:30 Investing in gold stocks.

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