GoldCore TV | Charles Nenner Interview with Dave Russell | Inflationary Cycles and Geopolotics

Interview with Dave Russell - Charles Nenner covers such topics as: 1️⃣ Inflection point (June/July last year); 2️⃣ The algorithm that predicts exactly what will happen (law of nature); 3️⃣ Short inflation not going much higher, then take off again; 4️⃣ Still being on zero stocks; 5️⃣ Inflationary pressures caused by the war in Ukraine; 6️⃣ Cycles being down till after the summer; 7️⃣ Gold and silver (cycles are up till 2027); 8️⃣ Geopolitical situation.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:23 Inflationary cycle explained
  • 05:54 Underlying inflation pressures
  • 07:07 The correlation between the number 7 and inflation
  • 09:58 Bear market situation explained
  • 11:13 Free 30-day trial at 13:32
  • 15:27 Who to blame for high prices
  • 19:33 Where natural gas prices are going
  • 21:33 Gold and Silver situation explained
  • 26:04 What cycles suggest in geopolitical situation
  • 26:44 Currencies dominance explained
  • 29:01 Dr. Nenner’s work explained.

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