Charles Nenner Interview With Michael Douville | When & How To Put Your Cash To Work

Very insightful interview with Charles Nenner and Michael Douville. The following topics were covered: 1️⃣ US Dollar forecast to 113 on the DXY, inflation, & gold; 2️⃣ Connection between Dollar & inflation, Charles recommendations; 3️⃣ Bonds, interest rates, home prices, & lumber; 4️⃣ Dow Jones weekly & FANG; 5️⃣ Bear market - get out of bonds; 6️⃣ Copper & Fed; 7️⃣ Recession until late 2024; 8️⃣ Crude oil, War cycles, & Ukraine; 9️⃣ Wheat, Australian Dollar, Newmont Mining, & Gold Forecast; 🔟 Tradeable lows coming.


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