Dr. Charles Nenner Interview With Patrick Vierra | Economic Outlook for 2023

Check out this great interview of Dr. Charles Nenner with Patrick Vierra where they cover the analysis of the current economic landscape, give general economic outlook for 2023 and the US outlook for 2024. In this video Dr Charles Nenner shares his insights on the following: 1️⃣ Fed rate hikes will continue to rise until late next year; 2️⃣ Inflation is expected to start peaking up in 1.5 - 2 months; 3️⃣ US bonds - cycles show bottoming in June; 4️⃣ European banks are much more vulnerable than their American counterparts; 5️⃣ The business cycle, inverted yield curve, and recession are expected to occur later this year; 6️⃣ Strong Brazilian Real; 7️⃣ War cycles; 9️⃣ US and US dollar, the latter going down for longer time period; 🔟 Investing in gold and silver is recommended, central banks accumulating gold.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:38 Fed rate hikes
  • 03:22 Inflation rate
  • 04:00 Long bond in June
  • 05:06 European banks outlook
  • 06:38 Business cycle and recession
  • 08:29 US outlook for 2024
  • 09:37 Brazilian Real
  • 11:54 War cycles
  • 14:14 US Dollar forecast
  • 15:56 Research available at http://charlesnenner.com/
  • 16:23 Black Swan Theory
  • 17:57 Bull Market
  • 21:47 Gold and silver cycles
  • 23:07 Gold standard
  • 24:53 Central banks and gold
  • 26:36 Charles Nenner Research Centre. 📌Learn how Charles Nenner's unique research can help you get better experience for your future investments: https://www.charlesnenner.com/ 🚀Sign up for a FREE 30-day trial today! @SilverBullion Source: https://bit.ly/3O5CilR #charlesnenner #charlesnennerpredictions #cycleanalysis #stockmarket #stockmarketanalysis

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