USA Watchdog | Charles Nenner 2017 Fall Market Forecast | Social Unrest in US

Greg Hunter - USA Watchdog - topics covered: 1️⃣ Comprehensive overview of where to place your money in the upcoming fall 2017; 2️⃣ Deflation cycle; 3️⃣ Fall 2017 stock market predictions; 4️⃣ Whether gold is in a strong position.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:10 Is it right to put money in the bond market now
  • 05:30 What will happen in the stock market in the fall of 2017
  • 08:45 Dollar predictions
  • 12:15 Warnings for gold positions
  • 16:10 No buy signals for stocks this fall
  • 19:55 Big war cycle outlook.

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