USA Watchdog | Interview with Charles Nenner | Next World War Starts in Asia Prediction

Greg Hunter - USA Watchdog - topics covered: 1️⃣ Long-term prediction of the markets' crash; 2️⃣ Market forecast for bonds; 3️⃣ Stock markets analysis; 4️⃣ How the Middle East and Asia affect markets; 5️⃣ Outlook for the big war cycle.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:15 Will 2017 be the year when the markets crash
  • 06:50 Four-year prediction of a market crash
  • 07:50 Are the bond markets in trouble
  • 10:00 Charles Nenner presents cycle predictions
  • 12:07 What's going on in the stock market
  • 15:20 How the Middle East and Asia influence markets
  • 18:40 Will the Big War start from North Korea
  • 22:00 Big war cycle outlook.

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