Charles Nenner Video Notes | 2022 Expectations and Predictions in Equity Markets

Charles Nenner provides an outlook for the equity market for the upcoming year: 1️⃣ Volatility in the equity markets; 2️⃣ Chart 1 (displayed) - the number of stocks above their 200-day moving average; 3️⃣ Chart 1 indicates that the underlying strength is dissipating in the equity markets; 4️⃣ Chart 2 - the NY Stock Exchange and new highs and lows; 5️⃣ Trouble ahead in the markets; 6️⃣ Relying on price targets; 7️⃣ Chart 3 presents the overall figures for the NY Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Composite; 8️⃣ Chart 4 - McClellan Oscillator. The markets are not as strong as they seem; 9️⃣ Chart 5 - European market. Low/high index is negative. Video release date: January 10, 2022

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