USA Watchdog | Interview with Charles Nenner | Next Big War Will Involve China Prediction

Greg Hunter - USA Watchdog - topics covered: 1️⃣ How will the US dollar fare in the event of inflation and deflation? 2️⃣ Charles Nenner's gold and silver market predictions; 3️⃣ How are China and the global war cycle likely to affect the markets? 4️⃣ What is the situation with US pensions?

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:51 Charles Nenner presents an overview of the markets
  • 05:07 Is the dollar headed for a crash
  • 07:10 Trends in the gold and silver markets
  • 12:20 China's and the Middle East's share in a war cycle
  • 16:25 Market forecast for fall 2016
  • 18:40 Pensions estimations by Charles Nenner.

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