Michael Douville | Interview with Charles Nenner | Cycle Analysis Main Charts Explained

Creating Wealth -@michaeldouville690 - Dr. Charles Nenner explains main charts: 1️⃣ Sunspot intensity correlation with what the Dow Jones does; 2️⃣ Long term situation in equity markets, people losing on the bonds, inflation soon to be 12-13%; 3️⃣ Right now the cycle is stopping; 4️⃣ If unemployment goes very low, the stock market turns around and sells off; 5️⃣ Crude oil prices are going higher, natural gas starting a new up move, a lot of things look very suspicious and inflationary; 6️⃣ Dow Jones is still down into March, gold and bond market look toppy; 7️⃣ Making money in the commodity market; 8️⃣ Longer term interest rates continue to go up, so you have to stay out of the bond, gold and equity markets.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:54 Sunspots correlated to equity markets chart explained
  • 05:47 Unemployment correlated to equity markets chart explained
  • 10:07 Facebook forecast chart explained
  • 11:49 Predictive Lumber Cycle chart explained
  • 15:21 Dow Jones chart explained
  • 18:21 S&P chart explained
  • 22:58 GLD chart explained
  • 26:44 Bitcoin chart explained
  • 29:31 30-year Bond chart explained
  • 32:15 Forecast for New Zealand Sep 2021 chart explained
  • 33:46 Real estate market explained.

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