USA Watchdog | Interview with Charles Nenner | 2017 Markets Prediction

Greg Hunter - USA Watchdog - topics covered: 1️⃣ The 2016 prediction outlook; 2️⃣ What will happen with the stock market; 3️⃣ Bond market; 4️⃣ US dollar; 5️⃣ Trump's and Brexit's impact on the markets; 6️⃣ The next war cycle.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:15 What's the latest on the top-rally in the markets
  • 10:55 Will the US Dollar crash in the fall of 2017
  • 13:40 The effects of Trump and Brexit on the markets
  • 16:05 Charles Nenner predicts the coming of the great war cycle.

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