USA Watchdog | Charles Nenner Gives 2020 Global Markets Outlook | War Cycle Analysis

Greg Hunter - USA Watchdog - topics covered: 1️⃣ Syria and North Korea military conflicts affect the markets; 2️⃣ Bonds market outlook; 3️⃣ Big war cycle analysis; 4️⃣ What is happening with the stock and bond markets?

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:00 Markets look absolutely chaotic. What's going on
  • 05:00 How people and the markets react to what is happening with Syria and North Korea
  • 09:50 Is this the right time to buy bonds based on the current cycle
  • 12:45 We're gonna see stocks go much lower in 2020
  • 15:20 Will the dollar become strong again
  • 18:30 Big war cycle update
  • 24:00 The stock and bond markets will go down as a result of a Depression.

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