USA Watchdog | The US Dollar Inflation | Gold Market Prediction | How China May Affect the US

In this series of USA Watchdog Greg Hunter interviews Charles Nenner to discover the following: 1️⃣ What will be the inflation/deflation of the US Dollar? 2️⃣ Gold market and price predictions by Charles Nenner. 3️⃣ How China and the global war cycle may affect the US? 4️⃣ Will the world move away from the US Dollar?

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:40 Do cycles play a significant role in market behavior
  • 01:50 US Dollar inflation and deflation scenario
  • 03:30 Investors are concerned about the situation in Greece and Cyprus
  • 04:24 What should be done with money during the crisis 2014-20
  • 05:48 Gold market forecast
  • 08:20 Best brokerage firm
  • 09:15 Gold price predictions for 2014 and 2020
  • 10:22 The outlook for the US Dollar
  • 12:55 How may China and the global war cycle affect America
  • 16:47 US economy forecast
  • 16:26 Will there be a shift away from the US Dollar

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