Charles Nenner Nasdaq Track Record - October 2022

Investment Strategy

Long and Short Positions taken on the Future Month of the Nasdaq Index.

Positions are taken immediately upon BUY and SELL signals, given on the Charles Nenner Research Center Newsletter Updates.

They are liquidated on the indicated STOP LOSS and TARGET levels, at times in tranches of one half and/or one third of the position, according to the newsletter recommendation.

Monthly Performance YTD 2022

  C. Nenner NASDAQ
Jan 12.07% -9.86%
Feb 8.95% -4.30%
Mar 6.28% 4.57%
Apr 4.07% -13.85%
May 3.26% -1.91%
Jun 9.39% -8.95%
Jul 9.96% 12.72%
Aug 18.10% -5.36%
Sep 6.93% -10.17%
Oct 4.35% 3.78%
YTD 83.35% -33.33%

Charles Nenner Nasdaq Long-Short vs. Nasdaq

Year-to-date November 2022

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