What Our Clients are Saying

“I like the format of the report – an incredibly concise and no-nonsense product.” – Peter

“I appreciate the wisdom that goes into the cycles .. it’s a passion of mine to understand something bigger than me.” – Dave, Vancouver

“I like the way the research is presented, it’s straight forward.” – Thomas, Boston

“It seems like Charles has a whole arsenal of tools to make incredible calls. It’s pretty impressive.” – Tom, NJ

“Charles is a genius. His commentary is brief and accurate. It’s the best I’ve seen in the 20 years I have watched the markets having subscribed to numerous services none the equal of his.” – Henry, Florida

“I am just amazed at how accurate the cycles are. The research is pretty much dead on.” – Andy, California

“The power of cycle analysis is undeniable.” – Shahin, California

“I really love the research. On my phone I have a VIP list, whenever the research comes, I get a ding and I read it right away.” – John, California

“Charles is quite unique. No one else can provide the sort of information that he does.” – Terry, London

“You’ve got your fingers on the pulse of the financial markets.” – Loren, Nevada

“I like the way the research is presented, that it’s streamlined.  There’s not always time to read a 20 page report  I’ve found it to be pretty accurate.” – Paul, California

“It’s all very easily digestible.” – Ray, Maryland

“The information you provide, and the accuracy, is rather astounding. As far as I have found, your approach towards cyclical data is the only one yielding reliable results.” – Andrew, Australia

“It is terrific research and the people in the organization are very nice people .. unusual in this day.”
– Sarah, Vermont

“You are a light house in the jungle of information and I feel lucky that I found your Research Center.”
– Ewald, Switzerland

“I highly prize and recommend your service to all my friends.” – Ken, Illinois

“The research gives me a guiding hand, is very helpful. I’ve gotten in too soon and missed the cycles before. I think this is a great tool to help me.” – Kevin, NW Territories, Canada

“I like the way the research is presented, short, concise and to the point.” – Thomas, TX

“This is remarkable research.” – Steve, Virginia

“I was mainly impressed by the fact that Dr. Nenner does not only recommend buy and sell times but also times to step back, and let volatility do its thing, rather than hop in and out without a real plan. Though I am a speculator, with nerves like steel, a contrarian, I have often bought and sold way too early. The Nenner system seems to offer me much better timing.” – Reg, Vancouver

“I value Charles’ Research more than any other service I subscribe.” – Michael, Las Vegas

“Please pass on my thanks to Mr Nenner for the great (subtle) advice he provides about trends and the hints for the casual trader. (Whom represent 90% of the losing trades.)
THANK YOU from the Bottom of my Heart.
Your regular advice has saved me 10’s of $10000!!!!!!!!!!!!! TODAY
Thanks mate, I reread the newsletter regularly. You have made me a better trader with the direction provided.”
– Warren, Australia

“I have followed Charles’ work for 2 years and am impressed with his work!” – Tyrel, Edmonton

“First, please convey to Mr. Nenner how much I appreciate and use his newsletter. I am very much a small fish in the investing sea, but his help has been very important to me. So please thank him for me. I consider his advice invaluable.” – Fran, California

“Nenner Research’s work is most impressive! I started cycle study back in ’70s with Kondratieff, Peter Eliades, Elliott, Gann, Kitchin, Schumpeter,Foundation for Cycle Studies,etc,etc and learned just enough to be dangerous! Nevertheless, have always thought there Must be a very few ‘experts’ in this intriguing field worth tracking, and appears Nenner is in this rare class.” – George, Texas

“I think Mr Nenner is a genus and I am sure I will benefit from research received time ahead.” – Kai, Norway

“It has been some amazing calls from Mr. Nenner regarding the market and I have been his most vocal proponent.” – Ved, Canada