Family Offices


Family Office Division

Charles Nenner Research has been providing independent global macro research to a broad class of clients across the world for more than a decade. Over the past few years, we have worked increasingly with family offices – family members as well as the family office managers. This growth has lead us to now offer a specialized family office service.

We are aware that family offices manage their funds through both in-house direction and outside wealth managers. Since we do not manage or broker, we are strictly focused on providing family offices with the ability to plan and oversee the timing and allocations of stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies.

Education is a very important aspect here. We help the “inter-generational” teaching process, by providing the cyclical and target guidance that permits longer term forecasting.

Charles Nenner Research Center Family Office Division offers an unbiased review of your investment strategy. We will be happy to explain how our research might be helpful to your allocation and tactical decisions.

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